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Another Blog

I just wanted to share another Kyrg blog. Cindy is the mom to two boys from Kazakhstan and is in the middle of adopting a third boy from Kyrgyzstan. It’s a touching and heart-felt read. It’s on my blogroll… the Lajoy family blog. Check it out.


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Parking Ethics

Tonight while trying to find a parking spot at the mall, I drove past a few of those “expectant mother” parking spots. I passed by them and found a regular parking spot, but it did pose an interesting question. Am I allowed to park there legally or ethically? How do we define ‘expectant’ ? Does the intention on behalf of the mall matter more than what type of expectant mom I am? Having been pregnant and remembering those last couple of months when you simply cannot walk properly and you would kill for one of those electric, put-put kind of things you see people using, I think that I won’t park in the expectant spots. But then again, I am no less expectant. I am no less thrilled and excited as a pregnant mom. So, I put it to you all. What would you have done and what do you think?

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Returning to our regularly scheduled life

So pardon the interruption and the absence of new posts. In the last 8 days our little home has seen the following:
One visit from the social worker
Immigration fingerprints
Cooking and hosting Thanksgiving
Daughter’s birthday party
Dinner party for family

I think I qualify for an ‘officially insane’ certificate. Oh, and just a word of caution, do not, under any circumstances book a ‘Build-a-Bear’ birthday party any time after Thanksgiving. You will experience much less stress having clowns or even circus animals at your home for your child’s birthday. I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say that it was HECTIC. However, the kids loved it and the whole time looked dazzled and dazed. I guess that’s all that matters, right?

Ok, so the home study is DONE. We had our social worker come to our house for our final meeting and the home inspection. Zannie cranked up the volume on the cuteness factor and I kid you not, said the following, “I’ll let you talk while I go in my room and read.” I beamed and thought to myself, “Must reward with ice cream for that one.” The social worker said that she thought Zannie was incredibly balanced and charming with amazing manners. I have to believe it was a moment divined from a greater source. I mean, she’s really cute and all, but it was like I scripted it out of a Fun with Dick and Jane book. Also, I got a copy of the social worker’s report and she had in there that our house was warm and inviting and exceptionally clean. Wooo Hooo! Slam dunk. I felt really good about it. But, then it was on to go get fingerprinted and Zannie had a party to go to and on and on. Life goes on which is good. It provides a little tiny bit of balance.

So, with that squarely behind us, we have started filling out our dossier. That’s the stack of MORE paperwork that ends up being translated and sent to Kyrgyzstan. Our adoption agency Adoption Options oversees this part and they have wonderful support staff helping us. Every page has to be notarized. I’m telling myself to have it done and sent off before Christmas. After that, the official wait begins for a referral. That’s when you get matched up with a child. We have officially stated that we want a girl between the ages of 11-18 months in good health. I spend time googling ‘kyrgyzstan children’ and ‘kyrgyzstan orphanages’ just to catch glimpses of what my daughter may look a bit like. I think once the paperwork is done, the waiting is going to be much harder. At least, for now, I can put my energies into furthering things along. So, now that things have quieted down and there are no more parties or Big Events looming, I can power through the paperwork. Yeah, uh, except Christmas. (Sound of hand smacking forehead about now)

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The Eighth Wonder of the Culinary World

Just why is it that when you go to a sushi bar, any sushi bar in the northern hemisphere, that “One Love” by Bob Marley is being played? I’m just askin’. If anyone knows, I’d be much obliged to hear the answer.

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