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Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?

isabel1.jpgWhat a day yesterday was!  We started out for Tokmok with Lori and her Goddaughter and another Frank foundation family.  It takes almost an hour to get there.  We drove along the Tien Shen mountains and saw farms and countryside.  People live in small houses and cows, horses, chickens are walking alongside the road.  There are tiny roadside stands with people selling bottled drinks and Naan. 

We arrived at the orphanage which is a grouping of several small buildings.  The children are in different buildings according to age and need of care.  We were led into the office of the director who greeted us warmly.  We were with our coordinator Ludmilla and Irina, a translator.  She said that Lori would be going to meet her baby, who is almost a year old and so they took her to that building.  Then, they came and told us that they would be taking us to Isabel.  We walked over to a small building.  We walked into a sunny room painted blue inside with white curtains and three small cribs where three tiny girls slept.  I heard the director say, “What’s this?  Look who’s awake!” and all of a sudden, there she was.  We were looking at her.  She was all bundled up in several layers of clothing and tights and several hats.  She was smiling and looking around at all of us.  They kind of fussed with her and either put on more clothing or took some off, I can’t remember.  Literally, she was so overly clothed that she couldn’t put her arms down naturally.  They asked us if we wanted to hold her.  What a question!!  As I told Zannie we would do, I sat down and Zannie sat on my lap and we both held her for the first time together.  Isabel just looked back and forth at us.  We looked at her tiny, long fingers and she held on to our fingers with a tight grip.  She was having some gas pains and the nanny scooped her up to change her.  Then, after putting on a new diaper and putting yet another layer of clothing on her, they walked us over to a quiet, softly lit room and left us alone with her.  We had about an hour with her.  Art swears it was two hours, but it just couldn’t possibly be.  It went by in a minute it seemed.  Anyway, she was just so sweet and kept looking at the three of us.  She would seem to perk up while looking at Zannie.  Zannie was stepping into being the big sister like she’d been doing it all her life.  I was so proud of how protective she was already acting. 

Isabel started to fuss and I could tell she was hungry.  I called over to the director that she was hungry and she said that it would soon be feeding time.  Well, little Isabel was hungry NOW and didn’t let up and suddenly, a glass bottle with an enormous nipple on top arrived.  She drank it in record time. 

After her bottle her whole demeanor changed.  She was serene and suddenly her eyes were more open and she was looking directly into our eyes.  She was cooing and sometimes flashing us a gummy smile.  She had an enormous burp and then I handed her over to Art who promptly launched into his own version of lullabyes.  He can never remember the real words and so he makes up cute versions.  About two minutes later she was asleep.  And it seemed only a minute after that they came to take her back to her crib.  It was all too fast, but still so wonderful.  We are just taken in by her sweet nature. 

We drove back talking with Lori about her girl and how we all felt.  We stopped at a grocery store and bought yogurts, cereal, crackers and cheese, ‘coke light’ and some bread.  Later we had a Kyrgyz meal.  Zannie had a brothy soup with dumplings, I had plov, which is pilaf with a spicy tomato and cucumber salad, and art had a spicy soup with lamb.  We rested and went to bed early.  It is a day that I truly will never forget. 

She is just so lovely and sweet and seems to like us too.  We want to take her home with us now and I think we’d do just about anything if that could really happen.


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