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How cool is this?  My hilarious friend Helen from the fab blog I Forgot Where I Was Going With This…  has nominated me. She’s on my blogroll and she writes about her kids, being married to a techno-geek and she’s into cooking and gardening and so she and I have a lot in common.  I met Helen on iVillage in 1999 and we’ve emailed and talked on the phone ever since then and even met once.  Anyway, enough shameless promotion.


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My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!

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Emotional velcro

Reading on others’ blogs about bonding with your baby and remembering my first months with Zannie, I have been thinking a lot about attachment and how it will go this time around. There is more to consider and prepare for with my second daughter and so I am doing my homework. I’ve been reviewing products that have anything to do with helping babies feel close and secure with mama. I’m really into the idea of getting a sling so that I walk in the house and have her actually joined at my hip. We can walk to the school and get Zannie when she is done for the day at kindergarten. I can look right at her little face all the time. (Note to self, strengthen core…more tae bo, more exercise ball)
I bought a sling when Zannie was born but she wanted nothing to do with it. She never wanted to be lying down. I had to hold her upright no matter what and the sling never quite created the right position for her. But, five years later there are so many different brands and types of slings, I just know we’ll find one. I’m going to hold off on buying one until I can try them out with her and let her pick the right one.

The other thing I found is sooo cute. It’s called a twinkle baby.Twinkle Baby They are a small, star shaped flannel or plush doll with a sweet, sleepy face. You sleep with it next to you and it picks up your scent and then you put it with the baby when you put her to sleep or if she needs comforting. I think this will be an excellent tool for us. I intend to create lots of ways of loving her up and giving her the message that I’m not going away.

I’d love to hear what other suggestions and experiences you have for attachment in adoption.

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Photos of Kyrgyzstan

More Flickr photos tagged with kirgizistan-kyrgysztan

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