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An Assignment

, AKA mama to Roo has an interesting challenge to counteract all the blogging nastiness that’s happened around here lately. Write about something nice. And it can’t be about adoption. No problem.


Let’s talk food – a subject near and dear to my heart. I cooked my behind off the last two weeks or so. We hosted two dinner parties and a few drop-in situations. Zannie and her friends had a cookie decorating party and I taught her how to make Russian Tea Cakes. When deciding what to make or not to make, I came up with decidedly do-ahead menus. Chicken Marbella for one dinner (A GREAT dinner party dish) and Beef Short Ribs with an Asian broth over mashers for the other. Instead of making a complicated dessert, I served cookies and See’s candies. I made my life easier and had only a couple of freak-outs instead of many. One good thing about having company over a lot is that your house stays clean. Toys were put away often and dishes were washed immediately. I loved it.

Another great thing about this Christmas was getting books that I am excited to read. I’ve recently become really interested in Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist after I watched the movie about her life which starred Selma Hayek. So, I got her biography and I’m devouring it. I received ‘Super Natural Cooking’ from my family to give me new and creative ideas for our new way of eating. It’s a good read aside from the beautiful pictures and recipes.

The last good thing about the holidays is that there is an end. Today I am putting the decorations away. I am always very happy to put them out and getting into the Christmas mood and I am usually equally happy and ready to put them away. That’s how I’m feeling today. Zannie is really getting into the swing of things and has even been cleaning things by her own initiative. (I swear I don’t know how this has happened.)

On Sunday, we’ll trek over the Sierra Mountains to grandma’s house to do a bit of frolicking in the snow and to get away for a couple of days. Come early January, Zannie will be back in school and then I’ll have to think of a new Big Project. Maybe putting all our pictures in albums is a good idea. I’m totally behind on that. Ideas are accepted…anyone??


December 28, 2007 at 10:31 am 1 comment

I just had to state for the record


Husband let me know something really strange, and after looking quickly at it all, it’s pretty funny too.  Then, I got alarmed.  I mean, if you know me IRL, then you won’t worry.  But, my online peeps needed to know for sure.  So, just so it’s in black and white…


Deep breath.  Cleansing breath.  Yes, they would probably say that I need to be ‘cleared’.  But I digress.  Let me back up.

Husband googled me – my name.  We have a pretty unusual last name and ‘Tina’ isn’t uncommon, but it’s not Barbara or Mary either.  So, imagine my surprise when googling my name brought up someone with my exact, same name who is a cleared, Scientologist.  I don’t really know what ‘cleared’ means, but I know that Scientologists engage in it. 

To me, getting cleared involves a local beach, an amazing salad, laughing with my family or even a quiet moment with a glass of Chardonnay.  When I think about Scientology, I think about Tom Cruise and how he brainwashed introduced Katie Holmes into it.   I think about how it uses celebrity names for promotion.  It seems secretive, hungry for money and abusive because it seems to encourage keeping members away from those who are not members.  Can you say CULT? 

Ok, this is way off topic, I realize.  I just wanted to put it out there.  If you know my whole name, go ahead.  Google it.  But, I promise it’s not me.  K?

November 4, 2007 at 11:43 pm 8 comments

Ok, so I’ve been a little busy

I know I’ve been really MIA.  I’ve been hearing from a lot of you.   it’s just been a number of things hitting me from all sides that has kept me in my Chinese Acrobat Mode.  You know those amazing people who can balance on a ten foot unicycle and go all over the stage while keeping 10 plates spinning on these tall sticks?  Lately, that’s me.  And not so much with the amazing quality. 

Please pardon me while I whine a bit.  SO many other people are facing much harder and more painful battles in their lives but right now it’s me and my blog and so I get my moment in my own backyard.   

Nothing too earth-shattering either.  Just a lot of ‘life laundry’ piling up.  Isabel is doing so, so well.  What she is starting is her occupational and physical therapy and that has us in lots of appointments.  Isabel qualifies for the California State ‘Early Start’ program because of typical delays that a child has due to her first months being in the hospital and the orphanage.  When we brought Isabel home, she couldn’t really use her legs or move them much and she was only 12 pounds.  Her language development (for her age this means noises, babbling, etc.) is very delayed and in the report they mention that their concerns ‘go beyond what would be expected for an institutional setting ‘ Gulp.  So, with these issues, she totally qualifies for this amazing program that recognizes that early intervention for babies and children make all the difference.  Early Start has given me a whole “Izzy Pit Crew”  We have therapists out the wazoo.  And they all LOVE her.  I’m not making it up and they’re not saying it to be nice.  They worship her and love her like she’s their daughter.  They bring her toys and hug her and they reassure me and yeah…they LOVE HER.  Plus, all they do is tell me how amazing she is and that she’s going to be fine.  So, we heart Izzy’s pit crew.  Also, it’s like magic what these people do.  They come over and play with her..and then later that day, Isabel will do something she’s never done before.  These people go and get Master’s degrees to learn how to play with babies.  How awesome is that?  Ok, I’m downplaying how talented they are.  Also, after they go, Isabel takes marathon naps, and we all benefit from that.  In the last 6 weeks, Isabel has learned to crawl, master the pincer grasp, feed herself, rotate her trunk, say “mama”, open her mouth if we ask her if she wants ‘more’ to eat, and now she is pulling herself up and cruising and even sometimes standing.  She’s got wobbly Elvis hips when she does it, but she’s standing.  And then she comes crashing down on her diaper and is smiling through it all.  I love that girl.  Oh!  Also…she’s one! 

So, onto other things.  There has been some stuff that has been worrysome in the husband and Zannie department.  I don’t have permission to discuss here.  They are fine, but it’s been a period of some worry and turbulence.  We are coming through it all.  That’s all I can say for now. 

News with me…some good stuff acutally.  Lots of cooking stuff.  I took first place in our local ‘Harvest Festival’ apple pie contest.  There were 20 pies there and I won.  Also, I’ve been doing some freelance recipe writing and that has been great too. 

One thing that has been a big and positive change has been some changes I’ve instituted in our diet.  I did blog earlier, while we were waiting for Isabel  (while all I did was read and write in my blog) that I packed on a few lbs. and I also blogged about how it was all the girl scouts’ fault for making those cookies so damned good.  Anyway, I was feeling so overwhelmed with dr appointments that I started power walking.  Pretty quickly I had lost all of my Thin Mint weight and then I just kept going.  I kept making changes, one by one.  No more white rice, only brown.  Same with bread.  No white sugar.  So, I just kept on swapping out stuff for new, good stuff.  We are eating whole grains, local produce, and a lot of vegetarian dinners.  My weight loss is in the double digits and I’m feeling great and wearing my skinny jeans.  It’s my little corner of perceived control, you know?   With every small dietary change, I’ve received more energy and a bit of peace.  Every time I take an invigorating walk, I own a bit more of calm.  I am feeling really good about all of this.  I feel so good about feeding my family with wholesome, warming and nourishing food.  I’ll stop before I start sounding like a Tofu freak, which I am not. 

So, there it all is.  Except the stuff that’s not there.  My house is messy and sometimes we’re scattered and frantic, but you know…it’s all good.  I love my family.  I’m so flipping lucky that I really don’t have a right to complain in any way.  But I’m human.  To anyone reading this and to everyone who emailed me asking me how we are…..thank you.  We are good. 

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