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Sooooo unfair


I have this little ritual. On fridays, I pick up Zannie from kindergarten and depending on her mood and hunger level, we do one of a few favorite things. We either go have a ‘soshi’ lunch and then have someone over for a playdate, or we go to the park, or we go and get ice cream and go home and watch finding nemo. Yesterday, it was the ice cream scenario. (ok, really it’s frozen yogurt but I don’t mention that little fact. Sidenote: Yes Helen, I know about the dangers of soft serv….)

Anyway, we got home with the fro yo, put on the movie and laid on the couch and I pulled out my crisp, brand new People magazine. I know….I Know….call me what you will. It’s a cheap, guilty pleasure. I leafed through it while we watched nemo, which amazingly I still am not tired of (I was like, Woah! and you were like Woah! and it was like woooooaahhhhh)
Then, a small piece on little miss naughty bits. Naturally, they are following Britney Spears’ love life now that she’s single. It mentions a new guy, Vegas and partying. THEN, it mentions something that made me bolt up on the couch. “By 1:30 a.m. when he and Spears headed back to the couple’s $40,000 a night Sky Villa Resort…” and then blah, blah, blah….

A night.

I kept thinking, “think of what good that money could go toward.” Our adoption is going to total something close to that. Obviously, the money is hers and she earned that (cough, cough). But, come on…40 grand??? Oy! The starving children! The aged! The homeless! Tsunami vicitms! New Orleans! It makes me crazy. Hey Brit! Kick me down a little green love. Stay home for just ONE night, and donate the money to someone who is trying to accomplish something good in the world. I know, I know…she owes me nothing. It’s just so unfair.

Man. They better not charge her for the mini-bar.


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